Oracle 1Z0-447 Certification Details

* Exam Title: Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementation Essentials
* Exam Code: 1Z0-447
* Exam Price: $245.00 More about exam pricing
* Format: Multiple-Choice
* Duration:Two hours
* Number of Questions: 72
* Passing Score: 69%
* Validated Against: Exam has been validated against Oracle GoldenGate 12c.
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Oracle GoldenGate 12c Certified Implementation Specialist Certification Overview
The Oracle GoldenGate 12c Essentials (1Zx-xxx) exam is designed for folks who use a strong foundation and expertise in selling or implementing oracle GoldenGate 12c solutions. This certification exam covers topics like: Oracle Goldengate 12c Architecture; Oracle GoldenGate 12c Parametres; Oracle Goldengate 12c Mapping and Transformation Overview plus more. Up-to-date training and field experience are suggested.

The Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementation Specialist certification recognizes OPN members as OPN Certified Specialists. This certification differentiates OPN members in the marketplace by offering an aggressive edge through proven expertise. This certification helps the OPN member’s partner organization entitled to the Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

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Oracle 1Z0-447 Certification Exam Topics
* Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) Overview
* Describe OGG functional overview and customary topologies
* Describe OGG Veridata and Management Pack functionality
* Describe the main difference between real-time data integration replication and knowledge Manipulation Language (DML) replication
* Install and Configure OGG
* Download and Install OGG, and differentiate between various installers (zip, OUI, tar)
* Synchronize source and target databases using the Initial Load
* Prepare database for OGG CDC and appearance databases with OGG schema check script
* Configure OGG Replication component parameter files
* Configure the OGG Command Interface to generate OGG processes
* Describe how to identify and resolve issues in heterogeneous replication, and supply appropriate solutions
* Configure OGG utilities
* Mapping and Transformation Overview
* Implement use cases for transformation functions
* Implement macros
* Managing and Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate
* Manage OGG command files security
* Implement and troubleshoot OGG Monitoring
* Explain the configuration and management of the Enterprise Manager 12c plug-in
* Implement and troubleshoot OGG Veridata
* Architecture Overview
* Describe OGG components
* Create the two varieties of Capture methods for Oracle database
* Create these varieties of Replicat processes
* Explain the difference between an Extract and Pump, and native and remote trails
* Configure OGG's process recovery mechanism
* Parameters
* Describe and compare GLOBALS versus MANAGER parameters
* Create solutions using component parameters for replication requirements
* Install OGG parameters
* Explain and identify parameters specific for non-Oracle databases
* Configuration Options
* Describe OGG configuration options (Data Definition Language (DDL), compression and encryption options)
* Configure OGG event actions depending on use cases
* Troubleshoot conflict detection and backbone
* Configure Integrated Capture, Replicat, and deployment options
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